LT Commercial Real Estate signed with Lerthai Center in  Gulou District in Nanjing

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December 21, “LT Commercial Real Estate” successfully signed with Lerthai Center Project in Gulou District in Nanjing. It will create large urban complex with international standard and become the deserved classic legendary in the city, marking Lerthai brand taking a solid step in the process of global strategic layout and cultivating China’s urban development. At the same time, it is another iconic event after “LT Commercial Real Estate” starting in Tangshan, signing in Baoding, Xingtai and other domestic projects, as well as successful acquisition of US South Hills Plaza Commercial Center and investing “China Lerthai City” project in Los Angeles in America. Lerthai Center in Gulou District in Nanjing will become the official implementing project of Lerthai in 2015 after the approval of decision-making bodies of both sides. Yang Longfei, the chairman of the board in China Lerthai Commercial Real Estate Group and CEO of LT Commercial Real Estate (00112.HK), Zhu Linyan, executive vice president of Beijing LT Commercial Real Estate, Dai Liu, assistant to chairman, Hu Yuexin, the general manager of Southern District Development and other related leaders attended the signing ceremony.

Lerthai Center Project in Gulou District in Nanjing is located in the heart of Gulou District, covering a set of international five-star hotels, international commercial flagship store clusters, international high-end dining, entertainment clubs, as well as international 5A office building. Based on the deep experience and thinking of past life need, Lerthai Center in Gulou District in Nanjing will rely on Nanjing’s urban features and create agricultural works in line with Nanjing history, culture and urban environment, introduce new urban commercial model, collect and restrict the essential element of urban life, allocate resource and coordinate balance, maximize their functional advantages, and integrate a greater added value, so as to improve the taste of city image and change the urban commercial structure. With its own unique style and iconic image, it will create the third space of newest urban life for Nanjing and make people enjoy a more wide-area dining, culture, entertainment experience and harvest a more fresh spiritual pleasure!

According to international practice, in order to achieve the simultaneous pre-development and investment operation of Lerthai Center in Gulou District in Nanjing, China Lerthai Commercial Real Estate Group, parent company of “LT Commercial Real Estate”, now has reached intent with Eurojoy from Austria, Tera Wellness Club from America, UME Cinema from Hong Kong, Leopard from Taiwan, Shanghai Xiao Nan Guo, Zara from Spain, Teli, Ledeng and other international brand strategic partners. After the completion of the project, these international brand owners will build brand flagship store cluster in Lerthai Center Project in Gulou District in Nanjing, then there will be 1,000 domestic and oversea flagship stores and 100,000 brands products to work together to build the super commercial aircraft of Lerthai Center Project in Gulou District in Nanjing.

It is reported that Lerthai Center in Gulou District in Nanjing will make rapid advance, it will step into the substantive development stage after the approval of decision-making body of both sides. Next step, “LT Commercial Real Estate” will continue adhering to the enterprise philosophy of “Improve Quality Urban Life with Commercial Properties for Global Business”. Based on the confidence of long-term development of China’s urbanization, and the successful experience of rational operation at home and abroad, it will accelerate the overall layout and balance development of China and oversea market; through the development and construction of a series of international commercial projects named with Lerthai, it will make the building have soul, the city vibrant and people’s lives more colorful!